Jordan Powers

I am a Minnesota based photographer specializing in interiors and architecture.


I was born and raised in Toledo, OH and relocated to Minnesota in 2009. I went to school for audio engineering, and after graduating I began working in a commercial studio where I first started working with video production and Photoshop in 1998. I picked up a DSLR camera for my first time in 2005 and in 2007 I began photographing weddings. Through this I gained a lot of experience photographing cathedrals and other unique locations, which is what first sparked my interest in architecture. Shortly after, I was being commissioned to photograph restaurants and other commercial properties. In 2011 I began focusing all of my energy on interiors and architecture work, first in real estate and then into more detailed work for builders, designers, and architects. My immediate availability stretches across the midwest, but always look forward to working in other parts of the country and world.