If you are interested in participating in a paid Mastermind group facilitated by Jordan Powers, please fill out my questionnaire HERE. .

The cost for joining this group is $300 for a 3 month commitment. If you would like to form your own Mastermind at no cost, please see the guidelines that I use below.

REP GROUPS Mastermind Structure & Guidelines

  1. We are committed to the growth of each member.
    Each call will be dedicated to helping one person in the group. Talking through any struggles, ideas, feedback, etc. Every person on these calls will actively participate in the conversations. We will be sharing sensitive information such as income, business insight, etc. These conversations are confidential. 

  2. We are on-time and present at every meeting.
    Of course, things come up. In those instances, we should first try to reschedule. If any person is regularly cancelling or rescheduling, we ought to consider if the group is the right fit for that person. If any person misses 3 consecutive meetings, they will be automatically removed from the group.

  3. We are courteous with each other.
    During these one hour sessions, we will stick to the structure of the group. We will do our best to not hijack the conversations and allow each other equal amount of time to speak. The focus of each call is to help the person in the hot seat. If you want to just talk shop, we can hop on the call early or stay on the call afterward to chat.

  4. We accept praise and constructive criticism equally.
    In order to grow, we all have to be willing to accept constructive criticism in addition to praise. We will do so with the understanding that we are sharing our opinions based on our individual experiences, education, and expertise.

  5. We each consider this a top business priority.
    This group will help to grow our businesses and should be treated with urgency. There will be no more than 4 members of this group at any given time. 


  1. Must own their own RE photography business. Evaluate on case by case.

  2. Must be able to demonstrate growth on a month to month basis. 

  3. Must be actively exploring new, innovative ways to grow their business.

  4. Must be in a different region/market than that of the current group members.


  1. Each call will have a facilitator who is a member of the group, but is able to keep track of time and hold the rest of the group accountable to sticking to the guidelines. The facilitator will also record the call and write up a brief summary of what was discussed for reference. Facilitator will also have call ready to go 10 minutes prior to the call in case anyone wants to jump on early. Call starts promptly at the hour and ends promptly at the end of the hour.

  2. Each week there will be one person in the “Hot Seat”. The purpose of this is to dedicate our knowledge, experience, and resources to help one member with a problem they are facing, or whatever they want to talk about that week pertaining to their business.  

  3. First 10 minutes, each person shares a “Win” of the week, and what steps they took from the previous call. Something positive and encouraging that has happened in their business. *For the first call, and for each call we add a new member, we will spend 10 minutes giving introductions (name, background, about our photography business). These introductions are to be brief.

  4. The next 35 minutes of the call will be dedicated to the “Hot Seat”. The participant will start by sharing their takeaway from their previous time in the Hot Seat and giving the group an update as to where they are with everything. After this, they will present the topic they want to discuss or get help on and the group will begin to offer their support.
     - It is important that the hot seat participant allow the other members to provide     constructive feedback. The participant should be open to this feedback, and not defensive. It is also incredibly important that the other members be mindful of the time they are spending talking. The Hot Seat participant needs time to digest and ask questions, not simply listen the whole time.

  5. The next 5 minutes, the hot seat participant will need to share their takeaway and set a goal that they will be held accountable to. They will be asked about the steps they took on the next call. 

  6. The last 10 minutes of the call will be dedicated to everyone recapping, sharing takeaways, or even some helpful resource such as a book, podcast episode, article, tool, app, etc.